I can now go through each day with ease and a cheerful outlook.”

I received care from Pamela Zoller starting together with my wife when we lived in Kansas City. The work has been so helpful to my life that I continue to drive 400 miles from our home in Portland. There are so many things that have changed, which are all connected to the same theme—greater happiness. I can now go through each day with ease and a cheerful outlook. I was not that way before starting care with Pamela. In addition to a far better outlook, I have greater stamina. I seldom get fatigued and am able to maintain my concentration and energy level at work no matter how stressful it becomes. In addition to just feeling much better, I have had an important change in my health. I had a cardiac arrhythmia my whole life which has now disappeared. As my work with Pamela is the only therapy instituted, the healing must be due to the treatment I have received. As a Medical Doctor, I can truly recommend this as a way to greater happiness and greater health.

— George F. Drasin, M.D.

I truly feel empowered again.

I have had spine-related issues most of my adult life, and tried many therapies and exercises, with varied success. At its worse, my pain was constant and my mobility was on a swift decline. After consulting with my doctor and spinal specialists, it was recommended that I get a spinal injection to ease the pain, which I agreed with only because I felt I had exhausted all other options. Luckily I had also been referred to Pamela, and after receiving her non-invasive therapy (and no injection), I am happy to report that the results have been incredible! I no longer experience constant pain, my mobility has returned and I have been able to enjoy an active lifestyle. Pamela has also taught me how to release pain and tension with exercises I do on my own. I truly feel empowered again. I am extremely grateful to Pamela for getting me moving again!

— Klindt Parker

Pamela taught me how my body stores and processes stress, and she discovered breathing patterns that contribute to my tension.

— Rob Mitchell


“I find myself more centered, and calm, and at peace....”

I've been going to Zollergy® off and on for almost 2 years. This work has greatly helped me with my asthma and breathing issues, which greatly impacted my ability to run. Since going to Zollergy, I don't seem to need my inhaler much if at all anymore, which is the greatest triumph for me! I find myself more centered, calm, and at peace after I've seen Pamela. Not only do I go for this work, but my husband does, my preschool aged boys do, and my infant son has seen her since birth. I highly recommend and encourage anyone thinking about going to Zollergy to do it! It's wonderful! 

Andrea Cantu

“I am truly connecting into my own body's wisdom and opening to a more vital life.”

Finding Pamela has been such a blessing! I find her approach and knowledge of body centered living to be truly amazing. I've suffered from back and neck pain and tension since childhood...this work is facilitating the unraveling of that stored tension and pain and I continue to experience greater life force and energy in my body, mind and spirit. I am amazed at how through gentle touch and coaching from Pamela that I can experience relief and alignment in my body as well as life... really! I appreciate being attended to as an individual and guided to participate and understand this process through her care. I've always been fascinated with mind/body connection and know that the body has incredible wisdom and natural healing ability; but it hasn't been till finding the assistance and guidance with Pamela that I am truly connecting into my own body's wisdom and opening to a more vital life. 

— Jeanette Byrnn