Enhance your performance, energy and function.

The premise of this work is three-fold:

  • to teach your body how to reduce stored stress

  • to help you in recognizing and utilizing your inner resources of body, mind, and spirit

  • to allow the clarity that manifests to aid you in creating your life's journey with awareness energy and purpose.

During the Zollergy® session we assist you with a body of work that uses light touch, coaching, and breath. The work we do together helps you to access stored energy in your body from unprocessed lifetime stresses and free that energy so you can use it to progress, optimize, and thrive.

This work teaches your system how to release the places where stress is held in the body, allowing you a clearer presence form which to choose and create the type of life you want. With time, practice and support, your fear of change disappears; faith in things that happen around you fountains; and serendipity and grace become the standard guiding principles.

The bottom line - stored stress goes down; you feel better; you can connect with self; and you create a lot of optimal patterns, thoughts, and actions. You become stronger, more productive, and life is easier.



Session Rates

An initial assessment is $95-$195 (infant, teen and adult prices differ for this). A regular session is $50.

You can use your HSA to pay for sessions or if your health insurance covers chiropractic office visits, you may be able to be reimbursed. This work (ROH) falls under the scope of chiropractic.

Payments are required at time of scheduling. 


Seattle and Bellevue Office Hours

Seattle Office

2pm – 6:30pm

2pm – 6:30pm

10:30am – 2:30pm

Bellevue Office Hours

12pm - 5:30pm

10:30am – 3:30pm




When the body has been running on stress energy for a long period of time, we are actually in a weakened, energy-poor or, at best, energy neutral state. When we allow our body to release this long held stress, we are liberating energy and this energy is available to revitalize us, to boost our creativity, optimize our function and enliven us. 

Reduce stress

Under stress our body and our physiology shifts and we become reactive, short-tempered, have difficulty focusing, sleeping, and digesting. Our muscles get tight and sore, we lose range of motion, and we can become depressed or manic or just numb to life. 

With this work, using gentle touch, breath and coaching we help your body to release from this state and to learn strategies so that future stress can be processed more fluidly and with greater ease. 


Get relief from chronic pain.

Often when we have unprocessed stress, one end of the spine will become tensed, taught and ridged.  When this happens, the opposite end of the spine must try to mitigate that rigidity. It is common for a person with hand and arm pain to actually have a problem at the sacrum (tail bone). In this work, we do not treat an area of pain but we look at the entire body to find the root energies that caused the system to set in motion the current state. We help your body to reorganize itself. This is a much more long-lasting and complete healing, it is what we call reorganizational healing (ROH).  

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